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About Muzahid Islam

Hi, I am Muzahid Islam.

I  live in Pirojpur, Barisal, the Division of Bangladesh. I make a full time living online and love the internet inside out back to front. Here is my Photo
Muzahid Islam

Muzahid Islam

My Background:

I am started my career online when I was just 21 years old and from the start I had a great interest about search engines and how they work, Web Design & Development & Graphics Design. These has forced me eventually towards the SEO industry and have made me comprehend that a lot of things are yet to learn.

My Academic back Ground:
Though my academic background still reminds me of commerce from Pirojpur Zilla school and Aftab Uddin College And progressing Graduate in English at Dhaka College, but still that couldn’t stop me to become an internet freak. All the insane characteristics 🙂 🙂 that I possess now have been only set up and released by The Almighty for me, and that’s what I believe have made me who I am today. I now work from home as an SEO, Web Designer & Graphics Designer.
SEO Electrifies Me:

My real passion lies in SEO. I learn new things every day, meet awesome people every day in the form of readers, get to learn about latest technology and web stuff.